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What do we offer?

We provide services to investors, architects, contractors and manufacturers. We define input data for the specific project and offer ways of application of system solutions and its implementation into the project.

We delve into the architectural details, and adapt to the specific requirements of the project, eventually we will be able to offer solutions that are in accordance with the customers' desired outcomes. We calculate the costs for the execution of specific works of the facade on the basis of the required front system (meaning - the cost varies depending on the type of the façade caused to glass, etc.)

We can not only make the project and execute the works ourselves, but also just make the facade drawings and documentation for you. Furthermore, we can monitor quality of facade works executed on the project site and that they will be in accordance with documents, to make sure that the details covered with project documents are followed.

We can monitor the joinery making, construction in accordance with technical-technological documents and proper standards in order to meet the desired requirements.