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Aluminum Curtain Wall

Curtain walling allows masses of light to enter a building, creating a bright and uplifting environment.  It gives the possibility to execute most demanding trends of architects and give the building modern effect.

In order to enhance the exterior appearance of a building, pressure caps or spandrels can be colored in different colures and to harmonize with the glazing. This creates a consistent appearance of the building.

The large choice of available glazing and color spectrum can be considered. During glazing choice we must consider such data, as solar and shading factors, also thermal and sound insulations. But the most important issue which has to be considered is safety.

Energy consumption can be minimized with the use of high-performance solar-control glazing, allowing the building to be kept cool in the summer, whilst minimizing heat loss during the winter.

We offer variable types of curtain walls, which after can be beaked down more precisely.

Capped curtain wall system
Structural Glazing curtain wall system
Spider Glass Façade system